You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Inspired after watching “A Christmas Story” for the 100th time… I wondered how different Ralphie’s life would have been if that pellet had struck him just an inch higher and he HAD ACTUALLY SHOT HIS EYE OUT. A tragic chain of events unfolds where he is forever disfigured. His overly protective mother blames his father for giving Ralphie the gun against her wishes. This causes an irreparable riff in the family that eventually leads to the family splitting up. Ralphie, overwhelmed with guilt, begins to draw back within himself. His friends, cruel as children can be, ostracize and taunt him all throughout middle school and High School. Confused and alone, Ralphie begins taking out his frustrations on the defenseless. At first, it’s the “Bumpus Hounds” next door. He shoots them from his bedroom window, aiming for the eyes. Later in his adult years, when animals no longer satisfy his rage, he sets his sights on his former classmates, teachers… anyone with two eyes. Perfect, taunting eyes which leer at him with contempt and pity…

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