Red Skull and Hydra

I wanted to share some work that I did for Marvel about a year ago. It’s for a CG animated movie that came out back in July called “Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United”. I had a lot of fun creating many of the characters in the film including Captain America, Iron Man, Red Skull, Captain Hydra, The Hydra Storm Troopers, Iron Taskmaster, and The Iron Patriot (Piloted by Steve Rogers). We got the movie done on a tiny budget and a crazy tight schedule. I was only given 3 days to complete each character (Modeling, UVs, sculpting, and texturing!! @_@') before moving on to help with lighting and compositing. It was a fun challenge getting away from my usual style to create these cool cell shaded characters and doing anything for Marvel is always a bonus! If you’re curious about it, you can check it out on amazon. Later!

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